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Buildings and Facilities

Buildings and facilities are the backbone of your empire in AgeOfSpace, providing the infrastructure necessary for resource production, energy generation, research, and defense. Understanding the different types of buildings and their functions is essential for optimizing your empire's efficiency and strategic capabilities.

Resource Buildings

Resource buildings are responsible for the production of essential resources needed for the growth and development of your empire. These buildings extract raw materials from the planet's surface and convert them into usable resources.

Titanium Mines

Titanium mines are primary resource buildings responsible for extracting titanium from the planet's crust. They provide the raw material necessary for constructing buildings, ships, and defensive structures.

Graphene Mines

Graphene mines are specialized facilities designed to extract graphene, a versatile material used in advanced construction, shipbuilding, and research projects. Graphene mines are essential for the production of high-tech components and structures.

Deuterium Synthesizers

Deuterium synthesizers are facilities that produce deuterium, a valuable resource used as fuel for ships and in advanced research endeavors. These buildings play a crucial role in powering your fleet and sustaining long-term space exploration efforts.

Energy Buildings

Energy buildings are responsible for generating and supplying the power needed to operate your empire's infrastructure. Without sufficient energy production, your resource production and other activities may suffer.

Solar Plants

Solar plants harness the energy of the sun to generate electricity, providing a clean and renewable source of power for your empire. They are essential for maintaining a stable energy supply and supporting the operation of other buildings and facilities.

Fusion Reactors

Consume deuterium to produce energy. Fusion reactors utilize advanced technology to generate energy by harnessing the power of nuclear fusion. These highly efficient facilities produce large amounts of energy and are crucial for meeting the high demands of advanced technologies and industrial processes.

Storage Facilities

Storage facilities are essential for storing excess resources and preventing waste. They provide a buffer against fluctuations in production and consumption, ensuring a steady supply of resources for your empire's needs.

Titanium Storage

Titanium storage facilities provide ample space for storing excess titanium produced by mines. Upgrading titanium storage capacity ensures that no resources are wasted due to overflow.

Graphene Storage

Graphene storage facilities offer secure storage for excess graphene generated by mines. By upgrading graphene storage capacity, you can effectively manage your empire's graphene reserves and prevent resource shortages.

Deuterium Tanks

Deuterium tanks are specialized storage facilities designed to contain surplus deuterium produced by synthesizers. Maintaining sufficient deuterium storage capacity is essential for supporting your fleet's operations and fueling long-distance space travel.

Research and Development

Research and development buildings enable technological advancements and scientific discoveries, providing your empire with strategic advantages and unlocking new opportunities for growth and expansion. You can only research one technology at a time on all your planets.

Research Labs

Research labs serve as the hub of technological innovation within your empire, facilitating the development of new technologies and advancements. Upgrading research labs accelerates the pace of research and unlocks access to more advanced technologies and capabilities.

Technology Tree

The technology tree outlines the available technologies and their prerequisites, guiding your empire's research efforts and strategic development. By investing in research and development, you can unlock new buildings, ships, and defensive structures, as well as improve existing capabilities.

Specialized Research Facilities

Specialized research facilities provide focused research capabilities in specific areas such as energy, weapons, and defense. These facilities enable in-depth exploration and development of specialized technologies, giving your empire a competitive edge in key strategic areas.

For more detailed information on each type of building and its functions, please refer to the specific sections linked in the Main Page.

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