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Resource Types

In AgeOfSpace, there are three primary resources that you must manage:

  • Titanium:
    • Description: Titanium is the primary building material used for most constructions and ships.
    • Production: It is produced in Titanium Mines.
    • Uses: Titanium is used in building construction, shipbuilding, and defensive structures.
  • Graphene:
  • Description: Graphene is an essential resource for advanced buildings, ships, and research.
  • Production: It is produced in Graphene Mines.
  • Uses: Graphene is used in constructing advanced buildings, ship components, and conducting research.
  • Deuterium:
    • Description: Deuterium is a valuable resource used as fuel for ships and in high-tech research.
    • Production: It is synthesized in Deuterium Synthesizers.
    • Uses: Deuterium is critical for powering ships, especially for long-distance travel and in high-energy research projects.

Energy is also a critical component, though not a resource you stockpile directly. Instead, it powers your mines and other buildings:

  • Energy:
    • Description: Energy is needed to power buildings and production facilities.
    • Production: It is generated by Solar Plants, Fusion Reactors, and Solar Satellites.
    • Uses: Energy is required to operate mines and other energy-dependent structures. Insufficient energy supply can result in reduced production efficiency.

Production Management

  • Balanced Production:
    • Ensure that the production of Titanium, Graphene, and Deuterium is balanced according to your current needs. Upgrading mines and synthesizers regularly can help maintain a steady resource flow.
  • Energy Management:
    • Construct and upgrade energy buildings to ensure your energy production meets or exceeds demand. A negative energy balance will penalize your resource production rates.


  • Storage Capacity:
    • Ensure that you have adequate storage facilities to hold your produced resources. Upgrade your Titanium Storage, Graphene Storage, and Deuterium Tanks to prevent resource overflow and waste.

It's important to note that the capacity of your storage facilities directly affects resource production. If your storage facilities are full, your mines will cease production until there is sufficient capacity to store the produced resources. However, you can still transport resources to a planet even if its storage facilities are full, allowing you to redistribute resources within your empire as needed.

Planet Temperature

In AgeOfSpace, the temperature of a planet plays a crucial role in resource production. Planets with higher temperatures have a greater capacity to generate energy, making them ideal locations for the construction of energy facilities such as solar plants and fusion reactors. On the other hand, planets with lower temperatures are conducive to the production of deuterium, a vital resource used as fuel for spacecraft and in advanced research projects. This relationship between temperature and resource production makes the choice of which type of facilities to construct on a planet an important strategic decision for players.

Resource Allocation

  • Strategic Planning:
    • Plan your resource allocation based on your immediate and long-term goals. Allocate resources towards essential upgrades, fleet building, and research projects that will benefit your strategic objectives.
  • Resource Trading:
    • Engage in resource trading with other players to balance your resource supply. Trading excess resources for those you lack can help maintain a balanced economy.

Efficiency Optimization

  • Planet Specialization:
    • Specialize your planets to focus on specific resources or functions. For example, designate one planet primarily for Titanium production while another focuses on Graphene or Deuterium. Specialization can lead to more efficient resource management.

Monitoring and Adjustment

  • Regular Monitoring:
    • Continuously monitor your resource production and consumption. Use the game's tools and reports to keep track of your resources and adjust your strategies as needed.
  • Adaptation:
    • Be prepared to adapt your resource management strategies based on changes in the game environment, such as new threats, opportunities for expansion, or shifts in your strategic goals.
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