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Beginner Strategies

Embarking on your journey in AgeOfSpace can be overwhelming for newcomers, but with the right strategies and guidance, beginners can quickly find their footing and flourish in the game. Here are some beginner-friendly strategies to help you kickstart your adventure and make progress in AgeOfSpace:

Prioritize Resource Production

In the initial phases of AgeOfSpace, focus on establishing and enhancing your resource production capabilities. Build and upgrade resource-generating structures like titanium mines, graphene synthesizers, and deuterium reactors. These resources are the backbone of your civilization, powering your economy and facilitating your expansion.

Allocate your resources wisely, investing in technologies and upgrades that optimize resource production efficiency. Maximize your resource output to ensure a steady supply for constructing ships, defenses, and infrastructure.

Fortify Your Defenses

As you expand your empire, don't overlook the importance of defense. Construct and upgrade defensive installations such as missile batteries, plasma cannons, and shield generators to safeguard your planets from hostile incursions. A robust defense acts as a deterrent to potential adversaries and ensures the security of your assets and resources.

Strategically position your defensive structures to cover vulnerable areas and prioritize the protection of vital assets. Regularly assess and reinforce your defenses to stay ahead of potential threats and maintain a secure perimeter around your territory.

Join Forces with an Alliance

Aligning yourself with an alliance offers numerous advantages for novice players. Alliances provide guidance, support, and protection, aiding you in navigating the intricacies of AgeOfSpace and repelling enemy assaults. Members of an alliance can share resources, coordinate attacks, and offer invaluable aid in times of crisis.

Choose an alliance that resonates with your objectives and playstyle, and actively engage in alliance activities and discussions. Collaborate with your allies, exchange knowledge and resources, and work together towards common objectives to bolster your standing in the game.

Research Strategic Technologies

Invest in research to unlock strategic technologies that enhance your military prowess and economic efficiency. Prioritize research in areas like ship technology, weaponry, and resource management to gain a competitive edge over your adversaries.

Strategic technologies such as faster ships, potent weaponry, and advanced resource extraction methods can significantly elevate your effectiveness in both offensive and defensive endeavors. Allocate your research resources judiciously, focusing on technologies that align with your chosen strategy and objectives.

Fleet Saving and Dealing with Constant Attacks

Fleet Saving: Fleet saving is a practice employed by players to protect their fleets from potential attacks while they are offline or vulnerable. This involves sending fleets on expeditions or missions, such as recycling missions or short-distance flights, as long as you are not connected. The key is to send our fleet when we are going to disconnect calculating that the arrival is when we are connected.

Moons allow a special building that allows us to see which fleets are traveling between planets, so the best way to do this, if possible, is to send our fleets between our moons.

Constant Attacks: When faced with relentless attacks, it's crucial to remain calm and assess your options carefully. Communicate with your alliance members for support and advice, and consider seeking assistance from more experienced players or alliances. Adjust your strategies and tactics accordingly, focusing on defense and rebuilding efforts to weather the storm. Remember that resilience and perseverance are key virtues in AgeOfSpace, and with determination and strategic thinking, you can overcome even the most challenging adversities.

The key is not to have resources on our planet that can be plundered and invest them in defenses to destroy attackers' ships.

If we are not a profitable target surely the attacks will stop, you can also colonize in distant galaxies.

Advanced Strategies

a) Fleet Hunting

Fleet hunting is one of the most exhilarating activities for high-ranking players in AgeOfSpace. It involves intercepting and capturing enemy fleets as they traverse the galaxy. Depending on the type of fleet dispatched by the defender, different techniques are employed:

1. Fleet Transport/Debris Fleet from Planet: This type of fleet is relatively easy to intercept. Utilize a phalanx, either your own or rented, to coordinate the arrival of your fleet one second before the enemy's fleet. Recycle their fleet with a margin of five seconds. They will attempt to time their recyclers to arrive one second after your attack, so delay your attack by two seconds (three seconds after the arrival of their fleet). This prevents the defender's recyclers from collecting anything, allowing you to safely collect debris without giving the defender a chance to save their fleet.

2. Deploy Fleet: Intercepting this fleet is similar to the previous method. However, if the fleet is recalled before your attack arrives, it becomes invisible. The player's skill comes into play here; upon noticing the connection, continuously update your phalanx until the fleet disappears. Calculate how long it will take for the fleet to return, adjust your attack to arrive one second before, and delay the attack to coincide with the arrival of recyclers, similar to the previous point.

3. Fleets from Moon: Intercepting fleets from a moon adds another layer of complexity.

  a) **Moon-to-Debris Fleet in the Same Solar System**: Monitor the defender's schedule and fleet dispatch times. Create debris on all planets and observe when the debris disappears. Then, based on their engines' speed, calculate the fleet's velocity percentage. If you suspect the defender will send recyclers after the fleet, quickly create debris again and recalculate after they disappear.
  b) **Moon-to-Own Debris Fleet with EDLM**: If the defender includes Deathstars (EDLM) in their fleet, exploit their slowness in fleet-to-debris operations. This fleet usually takes about 7:30 to reach 10% debris. Follow the same process as before but focus solely on this debris.
  c) **Moon-to-Moon Fleet**: Determine if the enemy sends fleets from moon to moon. Spy to identify the departure and arrival moons. Record the time the timers appear on the origin moon, stand in the system, and update every three seconds. When the timer advances one minute, note the second. This method provides precise timing for your attack, increasing your chances of a successful interception.

The success of fleet hunting depends on whether the defender sends the fleet and immediately goes to sleep. If so, there is a margin of error of a few seconds, which is the time it takes for the defender to close everything. Fleet adjustments have been successful with a 30-second margin. While significant, this margin has proven effective because the defender did not connect to receive the fleet.

b) Fleet Mobility

Several myths exist regarding fleet mobility, such as the notion of having nine moons with nine quantum jumps. However, this strategy is not advisable as it makes securing your production and avoiding being attacked challenging. An effective long-term strategy involves distributing your colonies strategically across different galaxies.

Consider a distribution pattern like 1-3-5 or 2-4-6-8, which allows you to cover 3-4 galaxies with quantum jumps. In this arrangement, you leave two colonies free for mobile colonization, enabling you to move throughout the universe efficiently.

Strategically distributing your colonies across multiple galaxies not only expands your reach but also minimizes the risk of being targeted by adversaries. It provides flexibility in fleet movements and resource management, enhancing your overall mobility and resilience in AgeOfSpace.

c) Deuterium Consumption

Deuterium is a precious resource that must be used judiciously. Consider its profitability and consumption when deploying fleets to new areas. It's essential to at least “cover” the deuterium consumption.

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