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Glossary and Terminology

In AgeOfSpace, as in many other games, there are specific terms and phrases used by players to describe various aspects of gameplay, mechanics, and strategies. Understanding these terms can help new players navigate the game more effectively and communicate with other players. Below is a glossary of common AgeOfSpace terminology:


- Fleet: A group of ships sent on a mission from one planet to another.

- Defenses: Defensive structures built on planets to protect against enemy attacks.

- Recycler: A ship used to collect debris from destroyed ships and defenses.

- Debris: Remains of destroyed ships and defenses that can be collected for resources.

- Phalanx: A technology that allows players to scan for incoming fleets.

- EDLM: Estrella de la Muerte, Spanish for Death Star, a powerful ship in AgeOfSpace.

- Galaxy: A collection of systems in AgeOfSpace, each containing planets.

- Quantum Jump: A technology that allows fleets to travel instantly between colonies.

- Espionage: Gathering information about other players' planets using spy probes.

- Colonization: Establishing a new colony on an unoccupied planet.

- Alliance: A group of players who collaborate and support each other in the game.

- Diplomacy: Negotiating agreements and treaties with other players and alliances.

Key Terms

Here are some key terms and concepts that are essential to understand in AgeOfSpace:

- Resource Management: Efficiently managing the production and allocation of resources, including metal, graphene, and deuterium.

- Technology Research: Upgrading technologies to enhance fleet strength, defense capabilities, and resource production efficiency.

- Fleet Composition: Strategically assembling fleets with different types of ships to optimize combat effectiveness.

- Defense Strategies: Developing defensive structures and tactics to protect planets from enemy attacks.

- Alliance Diplomacy: Engaging in diplomatic negotiations and alliances to form strategic partnerships and alliances.

Abbreviations and Acronyms

In AgeOfSpace, players often use abbreviations and acronyms to communicate more efficiently. Here are some common abbreviations and acronyms:

- DF: Debris Field

- ACS: Alliance Combat System

- GS: Gauss Cannon

- RL: Rocket Launcher

- RIP: Rest in Peace (often used in reference to destroyed ships)

- FS: Fleet Save

- MD: Missile Defense

- IPM: Interplanetary Missile

- NAP: Non-Aggression Pact

These abbreviations and acronyms are frequently used in chats, forums, and alliance communications in AgeOfSpace.

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