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Fleets and Warfare

Fleets and warfare are central to the expansion and defense of your empire in AgeOfSpace. Building and managing fleets effectively, understanding fleet composition, and mastering the combat system are essential for asserting your dominance in the galaxy.

Fleet Composition

Fleet composition refers to the arrangement and organization of ships within your fleet. A well-balanced fleet composition is crucial for maximizing combat effectiveness and adapting to various tactical situations.

Ship Types

AgeOfSpace features a diverse array of ship types, each with its own strengths, weaknesses, and strategic roles. Common ship types include fighters, frigates, cruisers, battleships, carriers, and more. Understanding the capabilities of each ship type and how they complement each other is essential for creating a balanced fleet composition.

Fleet Missions

- Attack: The attack mission allows players to send their fleets to launch assaults against planets, moons, or other enemy fleets. This mission is essential for conquering territories, plundering resources, and weakening opponents in warfare.

- Grupal attack: Enables players to coordinate simultaneous attacks with other allied fleets. This facilitates the synchronization of multiple fleets to maximize impact on the selected target.

- Transport: The transport mission allows players to send fleets to transport resources between different planets and moons. After transport, the fleet will return to their home planet.

- Deploy: The deploy mission enables players to send fleets and resources to a planet you own.

- Hold: The hold mission allows players to send fleets to maintain a defensive position on a target planet or moon. This mission is useful for protecting key territories and resisting enemy attacks.

- Spy: The spy mission allows players to send Spy Probe to gather intelligence on enemy forces, resources, and defenses. The amount of information you obtain will depend on your spy technology, that of the player you are going to spy on, and how many probes you send.

Your probes can be intercepted and destroyed, forming debris (although not allowing a moon to form).

- Colonize: The colonization mission allows players to send fleets to establish new colonies on uninhabited planets or moons. For this mission it is necessary to send a colonizer to an empty coordinate

- Recycle: The recycle mission allows players to send fleets to collect and recycle debris left behind by previous battles. For this mission it is necessary to send recyclers to a debris field

- Destroy: The destruction mission allows players to send Death Stars fleets to destroy a moon Be careful as your entire fleet can be destroyed

- Missile Attack: The missile attack mission allows players to send fleets equipped with missiles to launch devastating strikes against enemy defenses.

- Expedition: The expedition mission allows players to send fleets to explore unknown regions of space in search of new discoveries and adventures.

Battles in AgeOfSpace

Battles in AgeOfSpace occur when a player launches an attack from one planet to another.

Battle Mechanics

Battles occur in milliseconds in AgeOfSpace, meaning that for every real minute, a year passes in the game. Each battle unfolds over 6 rounds and can result in victory, defeat, or a draw.

Round-based Combat

During a battle, combatants engage in a series of 6 rounds, with each round representing a phase of the engagement.

Battle Resolution

At the end of the battle, a full battle report is generated detailing the events and outcomes of the engagement. However, if the defender wins in the first round, the attacker will not receive a full battle report.

Automatic Defense Repair

After each battle, a percentage of the defender's defenses are automatically repaired. This automatic repair process ensures that defensive structures are restored to full functionality, allowing the defending player to maintain their defenses and protect their planets from future attacks.

Rapid Fire

Rapid fire is a mechanic in AgeOfSpace that determines the likelihood of a ship or defense causing additional damage to an enemy target during combat. Ships and defenses with a rapid fire value greater than 1 have a chance to inflict multiple hits on enemy units, increasing their overall effectiveness in battle. Rapid fire values vary between different ship types and defenses, with some units possessing a higher rapid fire capability than others.

Moon Formation

Moons in AgeOfSpace are formed as a result of massive debris fields created during battles. When a battle occurs, a certain percentage of the destroyed ships and defenses are converted into debris. If the total amount of debris exceeds a certain threshold, there is a chance that a moon will form around one of the planets involved in the battle.

The chance of moon formation is influenced by the amount of debris generated during the battle.

Once a moon forms, it becomes a permanent celestial body orbiting the planet. Moons offer various strategic advantages, including special building.

Debris Fields

After a battle in AgeOfSpace, debris fields form, containing the remains of destroyed ships and defenses from the combat. These debris fields represent an opportunity to salvage valuable resources and rebuild your forces.

Formation of Debris

During a battle, a percentage of each destroyed ship and defense is converted into debris, which is scattered throughout space near the site of the engagement. This percentage may vary depending on the specific settings of the universe you're playing in, with some universes offering higher or lower rates of debris recovery.

Debris Recycling

Recycling debris is a crucial part of strategy in AgeOfSpace. By sending specialized recycling ships to debris fields, you can collect and recover the resources lost during battle. This process allows you to reuse the recovered materials and components to construct new ships, defenses, or other structures, providing you with an opportunity to replenish your losses and strengthen your position in the universe.

Timing and Risk

It's important to note that timing is key when it comes to collecting debris. Since debris fields can be accessed by other players, it's advisable to send your recycling ships immediately after the battle to arrive seconds afterward. This minimizes the risk of other players intercepting and looting the debris before you can collect it. Always be vigilant and prioritize the swift retrieval of debris to avoid potential losses and capitalize on this valuable resource.

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