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Gameplay Mechanics

Understanding the gameplay mechanics of AgeOfSpace is essential for mastering the game. This section provides a detailed explanation of the various mechanics that govern the game.

Resource Management

Efficient resource management is crucial for the growth and sustainability of your empire.

  • Titanium: The primary building material used for most constructions and ships.
  • Graphene: Essential for advanced buildings, ships, and research.
  • Deuterium: Used as fuel for ships and in high-tech research.
  • Energy: Used as fuel for other mines.

Resources are produced by specific buildings on your planets:

  • Titanium Mines
  • Graphene Mines
  • Deuterium Synthesizers

These mines require energy to function. If your energy production is negative, the efficiency of your resource production will be penalized, leading to lower output. Ensure you have sufficient energy by constructing and upgrading energy buildings.

Buildings and Facilities

Buildings provide the necessary infrastructure for your empire.

Types of Buildings

  • Resource Buildings: Produce the essential resources (Titanium Mines, Graphene Mines, Deuterium Synthesizers).
  • Energy Buildings: Provide energy to power other buildings (Solar Plants, Fusion Reactors).
  • Storage Facilities: Store excess resources (Titanium Storage, Graphene Storage, Deuterium Tanks).
  • Research Labs: Enable research of new technologies.
  • Shipyards: Construct ships and defensive structures.
  • Defense Facilities: Build defensive structures to protect your planets.
  • Robotics Factory: Reduces construction time for buildings and ships.
  • Nanite Factory: Significantly speeds up construction times for all projects.
  • Terraformer: Increases the usable surface area of a planet, allowing for more buildings.

Upgrading Buildings

Upgrading buildings improves their efficiency and capacity. Prioritize upgrades based on your current strategic goals, whether that's increasing resource production, speeding up construction, or enhancing your defensive capabilities.

Research and Technology

Researching new technologies is vital for advancing your empire's capabilities.

Research Lab

The Research Lab is where all technological advancements are made. Upgrading your Research Lab allows you to research more advanced technologies faster.

Technology Tree

The Technology Tree outlines all the available technologies and their prerequisites. Key areas of research include:

  • Energy Technology: Improves energy production and efficiency.
  • Laser Technology: Unlocks laser-based weapons and defenses.
  • Hyperspace Technology: Increases fleet speed and unlocks advanced ships.
  • Plasma Technology: Provides access to powerful plasma weapons.
  • Espionage Technology: Enhances your ability to gather intelligence on other players.
  • Shielding Technology: Improves the strength and durability of your shields.
  • Armour Technology: Increases the durability of your ships and defenses.
  • Weapons Technology: Increases the firepower of your ships and defenses.

Researching these technologies unlocks new buildings, ships, and defensive structures, and provides various strategic advantages.

Fleet Management

Managing your fleet effectively is essential for exploration, defense, and offensive operations.

Building Fleets

Fleets are composed of various types of ships, each with unique roles and capabilities. Build your fleet in the Shipyard, ensuring a balance of different ship types to meet your strategic needs.

Fleet Composition

A well-balanced fleet includes:

  • Light Fighters: Fast and inexpensive, ideal for quick strikes.
  • Heavy Fighters: More durable and powerful than Light Fighters.
  • Cruisers: Versatile ships with good speed and firepower.
  • Battleships: Heavily armed and armored, used for major battles.
  • Bombers: Specialize in destroying planetary defenses.
  • Destroyers: Powerful ships capable of dealing with large threats.
  • Deathstars: The ultimate warship, extremely powerful but slow and expensive.
  • Cargo Ships: Used for transporting resources.
  • Espionage Probes: Gather intelligence on enemy planets.
  • Colony Ships: Used for colonizing new planets.
  • Recycler: Salvages debris fields for resources.

Combat System

The combat system in AgeOfSpace is automated. Battles are resolved based on the composition and strength of the fleets involved. Key factors include:

  • Fleet Strength: The combined firepower and durability of your ships.
  • Fleet Composition: The mix of different ship types.
  • Technological Advantages: Higher levels of relevant technologies can provide a significant edge.

Defense Systems

Defending your planets is as important as building your fleet. Properly designed defenses can deter or repel enemy attacks.

Types of Defenses

  • Rocket Launchers: Basic and inexpensive, provide initial defense.
  • Light Lasers: Fast and effective against smaller ships.
  • Heavy Lasers: More powerful, suitable for heavier ships.
  • Gauss Cannons: High damage output, good for breaking through strong defenses.
  • Ion Cannons: Effective against shielded ships.
  • Plasma Turrets: The most powerful defensive weapon.
  • Small Shield Dome: Provides overall protection by absorbing damage.
  • Large Shield Dome: Greater protection with higher damage absorption.

Building Defenses

Build and upgrade defenses in the Shipyard. Balance your defensive structures to protect against various types of attacks. Effective defense planning considers the types of potential threats and the strategic importance of the planet being defended.

Advanced Mechanics

Expeditions and Special Missions

Send fleets on expeditions to unexplored areas of the galaxy. These missions can yield valuable rewards, such as resources, ships, or rare technologies. However, they also carry risks, including the potential loss of your fleet.

Managing Multiple Planets

As you expand your empire, you will colonize multiple planets. Effective management of these planets is essential for maintaining a strong and efficient empire. Each planet can specialize in different aspects, such as resource production, research, or fleet construction.

Alliances and Diplomacy

Forming alliances and engaging in diplomacy are key components of AgeOfSpace. Alliances allow players to collaborate, share resources, and coordinate attacks or defenses. Diplomacy involves negotiating treaties, non-aggression pacts, and trade agreements with other players or alliances.

Strategies and Tips

Resource Management

  • Balance Production: Ensure that all resource types are produced in sufficient quantities to support your empire's growth.
  • Upgrade Wisely: Prioritize upgrades that will have the most significant impact on your resource production and overall efficiency.

Fleet Management

  • Diversify Your Fleet: Build a variety of ships to handle different situations and threats.
  • Plan Missions Carefully: Consider the risks and potential rewards before deploying your fleet on missions.
  • Defend your fleet. A fleet only can be attacked on a Planet or Moon, so it is recommended to have the fleet flying between planets while you are offline.

Defense Planning

  • Layered Defenses: Use a mix of defensive structures to protect against different types of attacks.
  • Protect Key Planets: Focus your defenses on planets that are strategically important or resource-rich.
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