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Planets and Colonies

Understanding the mechanics of planets and colonies is essential for expanding and managing your empire in AgeOfSpace. This section covers various aspects related to planets and their colonization.

Home Planet

Your home planet is where your journey in AgeOfSpace begins. It serves as the foundation of your empire and is crucial for your initial growth and development.

Planet Fields

In AgeOfSpace, each planet is divided into fields representing areas available for the construction of buildings and other facilities. Every building requires a f fields for its construction, and the size of the planet determines the total number of available fields. It's crucial to carefully plan the layout of buildings on a planet to optimize efficiency and maximize production. Additionally, some buildings may have specific location requirements or additional benefits when placed near other buildings. Therefore, smart space management on a planet is fundamental for its ongoing development and growth.

Growth and Expansion

While your home planet provides a solid starting point, expanding your empire to other planets is essential for long-term success. Colonizing new planets allows you to increase your resource production, expand your fleet, and strengthen your empire's overall capabilities.


Colonization is the process of establishing a presence on new planets. It is a fundamental aspect of expanding your empire and increasing your influence in the galaxy.

Colonization Ships

Colonization ships are specialized vessels designed for transporting colonists and establishing settlements on new planets. These ships are equipped with the necessary resources and equipment to initiate colonization efforts.

Planetary administration

Planetary Administration technology allows us to expand our empire to other planets.. You will need this technology at level 3 to colonize your first planet. Then, every 2 levels you can colonize an additional planet.

Colonization Process

The colonization process involves several steps:

  • Scouting: Identify suitable planets for colonization based on factors such as size, temperature and location. From the galaxy view you can see information about spaces available to colonize
  • Deployment: Send colonization ships to target planet with “Colonize” and initiate the colonization process. You can send more ships with the colonizer with resources, those ships and resources will be available when the colony is formed
  • Establishment: Build essential infrastructure and facilities on the newly colonized planet to support future growth and development.
  • Integration: Integrate the new planet into your empire's economy and defense network.

Planet Management

Effective planet management is crucial for maximizing the potential of your colonies and ensuring their long-term viability.

Building Infrastructure

Constructing buildings and facilities on your planets is essential for resource production, research, defense, and more. Plan and prioritize your building projects based on the specific needs and strategic goals of each planet.

Defense and Security

Protecting your colonies from external threats is essential for their survival. Build defensive structures and station fleets to defend your planets from enemy attacks.

Specialization and Trade

Specialize your planets to focus on specific functions or industries. Some planets may excel in resource production, while others may specialize in research or manufacturing. Establish trade routes and partnerships with other players to exchange resources and goods, further enhancing your empire's capabilities.

Effective planet management requires careful planning, strategic decision-making, and constant monitoring. By developing your colonies wisely and efficiently, you can strengthen your empire and conquer the vast reaches of space.


Planets can have one moon, moons play a significant role in AgeOfSpace, offering unique benefits and strategic opportunities for players. Understanding how moons form, their special buildings, and how they can be destroyed is crucial for maximizing their utility in the game.

Moon creation

Moons in AgeOfSpace are formed through a specific game mechanic known as “Moon Destruction.” When a player attacks another player's planet and destroys a significant portion of its defense, the debris generated during the battle may coalesce to form a moon. The likelihood of a moon forming increases with the amount of debris created during the attack. Thus, larger battles with more ships and defenses involved have a higher chance of resulting in moon formation.

The formation of a moon represents a significant event in the game, as it grants the player access to additional benefits and opportunities for expansion.

Special Buildings on Moons

Once formed, moons offer players the ability to construct special buildings unique to lunar surfaces. These buildings provide various advantages and enhancements to the player's gameplay. Some of the key special buildings found on moons include:

- Lunar Base: The Lunar Base serves as the central hub for all activities on the moon. It allows players to construct other buildings and facilities and provides essential infrastructure for moon development.

- Sensor Phalanx: The Sensor Phalanx enhances the player's reconnaissance capabilities, allowing for more accurate scanning and detection of incoming enemy fleets.

- Jump Gate: The Jump Gate enables instant fleet movements between planets and moons within the same solar system, facilitating rapid deployments and reinforcements.

These special buildings contribute to the strategic value of moons and provide players with additional tools to assert their dominance in the game.

Destruction of Moons

Moons in AgeOfSpace are not invulnerable and can be destroyed by enemy players. To destroy a moon, players can send a fleet of Death Stars with the “Destroy” mission. However, there is a risk involved for the attacking player, as there is a chance that the attacking fleet may be completely destroyed in the process.

The successful destruction of a moon can have significant consequences for the affected player, depriving them of valuable resources, infrastructure, and strategic advantages. Therefore, players must carefully weigh the risks and rewards before attempting to destroy a moon.

In summary, moons in AgeOfSpace represent valuable assets that offer unique benefits and opportunities for players. Understanding how moons form, their special buildings, and the risks associated with their destruction is essential for leveraging their full potential in the game.

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